Empowerment through Transformation

Awakening the Core is here to inspire and create solid methods and effective tools for self empowerment and positive growth. Connect with your innate wisdom and strength to create a life of joy and empowerment.

Many people are currently seeking to learn about meditation, finding ways to follow their heart to bring their visions and goals to life, and utilizing techniques to manage stress and anxiety so that they can positively influence their life path.

Since the world shut down in March of 2020, people across the globe have turned to meditation in the tens of thousands. These unprecedented numbers indicate that we are in a state of awakening as we tap into the truth of who we really are. Thousands of people are joining online workshops and meditations and connecting compassion and valuing life across all the continents.

Reiki and alternative therapies in clinical settings have greatly increased in popularity over the last decade because they work. Reiki is now one of the top three complementary in-patient therapies in the United States of America. Reiki is a proven form of energetic healing in which the practitioner is a conduit who assists clients by offering relief from stress while promoting healing.

Sonya Julie, owner of Awakening the Core, offers workshops, both online and in person, on a variety of timely and relevant topics that utilize ancient wisdom, modern thought, and cutting edge techniques in a way that can be practical and uniquely valuable to each individual. She is a gifted and intuitive healer and is available for Reiki sessions. Additionally, she offers creative solutions for those wishing to grow ideas, dreams, goals, and businesses.

Joy is achieved when our beliefs are aligned with our actions and all the pieces of our life have integrity and love at its core.

Joy can be found in all of the many places you are willing to seek and find it.