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Life is energy and everything is interconnected. The mind, body, and spirit are not only connected to each other, but directly link to our environment and every living thing around us. Using the power of this connection through the alignment of energy allows us to explore ways to heal, grow, and move into the light of our highest selves powerfully and with love. I invite you to connect to yourself.

Life is a Miracle

Everyone’s path is different and your needs are unique. Awakening The Core offers options that will allow you to tap into your own unique personal growth and development.

Awakening The Core



 It is time to create, to have faith, confidence, and trust in who you are. This is your time.

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Awakening The Core offers workshops, classes and topic sessions to cover subjects such as energy management, positive daily practices, meditation, setting boundaries, and tapping into your intuition. Reiki Certification classes are also available.

Insight sessions allow you to tap into your higher knowing for guidance and the opportunity to find new ways of looking at life situations and concerns. Coaching and mentoring are available for more in-depth work.  All types of sessions are uniquely designed for you specifically.

Energy Healing and Reiki is available to both people and animals and can be done both in person and long-distance. In healing sessions I work with your subtle energy body to enable you to remove blocks, heal, and open up energy centers.

Join the Women’s Circle for sharing and support. This is a safe space where we explore life as spiritual beings to lovingly share and celebrate our experience as women in mind, body, spirit, and as energetic souls.

Check out the Blog for information, ideas, practices, and positive perspectives and visit  Tools for Spirit for more about  creative offerings and handcrafted jewelry.


“Awakening means you’ve come home to yourself, that consciousness shifted back to its original nature.” ~ Maria Erving

Awakening The Core Through Self Discovery


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Thinking Like a Mountain: Connecting to Gridwork

When I was nineteen years old I found a book called “Thinking Like a Mountain” and I truly loved that book. The internet had not quite arrived, so my options were different back then. My choices included brick-and-mortar bookstores, local and university libraries, esoteric shops, the occasional magazine from a far-away health food store, and …

The Forward Energy of Consciousness: Shutting Off Mind Chatter

Many people have brilliant ideas but are often unable to manifest them. What prevents them from moving forward? The ego. This is because the ego’s goal is keep us in low vibration thought patterns that perpetuate negative thoughts and beliefs such as fear, judgement, lack, selfishness, shame and jealousy. These kinds of thoughts often contribute to …

Moving Out of Negativity and Into Positive Transformation with the Four Agreements

There are times where we find ourselves to be self-critical or judgmental of others. There may be something that we view as negative and we spend time giving our energy away while ruminating about it. We may take situations personally and feel offended by the actions or words of others. Or we may misunderstand an …

Exploring Your Path


Exploring Your Path – Sessions, Services and Workshops

Awakening The Core offers workshops, coaching, insight sessions, healing, and tools that will allow you to activate and empower yourself to a meaningful life of connection and purpose.


The Summer Sun Illuminating the Forest – Photo by Sonya Julie