Creating New Beginnings with The Solar Eclipse

Today’s eclipse was symbolic of both unity and of new beginnings. Metaphorically, the eclipse allows us to let the old ways, the old self and the old identities to die away. Any imbalances, competition, violence, and negativity can be left behind as old stories to make room for the new. Love and light replace these old stories and illuminates our path moving forward. The sun is masculine and the moon is feminine. When they met up today, this disrupted the flow of information that would normally come from the sun and created a void. A place to start anew.

Ask yourself, what kind of world do I want to participate in? What stories do I want to tell? What do I want to create? This is your opportunity to break away from the old negative energies to bring balance forward. We are given an opportunity to anchor into a more positive reality.

Who are you without your struggles and difficulties and old wounds? We often come to view ourselves as broken or as guilty sinners or as someone who is bad. These limiting beliefs prevent us from reaching our true potential.

It’s time to move on, the struggle is over. We keep the struggle active because it is familiar and we are used to it. We are used to the security of the familiar old places where we have rested our beliefs. Its a safety net. It’s okay to let it go.

The eclipse is a time to release the old into the void so that we can start fresh with a new beginning. The eclipse symbolizes a time to not only move forward, but to leap forward in gigantic bounds into a time of great progress.

We are all creators. Who do you want to be? What would you create if you were able to start from scratch, without limiting beliefs? What kind of world do you want this to be? What kind of world do you want to live in?

The solar eclipse also represents unity because so many people came together to share a powerful  experience together. It goes to show that we can put aside our differences and come together in community to celebrate a beautiful natural occurrence together. There was so much attention and energy around the event and there were also many meditations and prayers on eclipse day. It is events like this that raise us up together and free us so that we may move forward in love as a community.

Step into your power of truth, step into your potential, you cannot be broken. We repress ourselves if we refuse to see the truth of who we are. It is time to release the struggle. Release the stories and difficulty, feel them and then let them go. Bring in the feeling of a new beginning residing within you. FEEL the potential you came into the world with and let this carry your forward.

Lake Michigan, August 2017


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