The Flow of Life Through the Lunar Cycles

For countless centuries humans have worked with the phases of the moon to accomplish various activities. In the past it was common to do planting, harvesting and other activities at different phases of the moon for the purpose of completing them at the most ideal time for success. The idea has been lost a bit in modern times but it’s good to understand how lunar phases can affect us in our daily lives regarding our tasks and goals.

Not everything we do in life falls into such short cycles but being aware of the phases can help us to reflect on our situation, create actionable plans, start something new, work on projects, complete processes, and release that which no longer serves us. The lunar phases affect our quality of sleep, the tides, animal behavior, and so much more. You can benefit from utilizing knowledge about these cycles.

Utilizing the Moon Phases is Empowering
  • First Phase – The New Moon

A time of new beginnings. The moon is waxing; it moves from complete darkness into the light. It appears to be increasing in size and its light becomes brighter. This is the start of a brand-new cycle. This is the best time to consider what you would like to create, to acknowledge your goals, write to-do lists and to clarify your intent. Bring your ideas into consciousness but don’t jump into action just yet – wait till it’s closer to the first quarter. This is a great time to brain storm, fine tune, and initiate plans for projects and ideas.

  • Second Phase – The Crescent Moon

The moon continues waxing and its light continues to build. The crescent moon is a perfect time to launch projects and to proceed. Energies increase and help you to take action and gain momentum. New people, situations, and things may come into your life now.

  • Third Phase – The First Quarter

Focus on accelerating the progress of your projects. Growth and abundance are emphasized at this time which helps you to build progressively as you pick up the pace. Creative energies continue to intensify and strengthen.

  • Fourth Phase – The Gibbous Moon

The moon continues into the last phase of waxing, getting larger and brighter. This final boost enables you to maximize the wave of forward momentum from these energies. It’s time to be constructive, building on what you have been creating, and time for that push into fruition.

  • Fifth Phase – Full Moon

At this point the moon is fully lit up from our vantage point on Earth. It is big and bright and offers us a time to celebrate and conclude the waxing phases of growth. Energy is flowing and things will come to a head. Emotions are typically heightened at the full moon. It is a good time to be thankful for that which has reached fullness and also to determine what can be let go of. It is a time of release. This may also be a time when quality sleep is less likely and a time when our bodies become more porous, absorbing more, so be careful of what products and foods you consume at this time.

  • Sixth Phase – The Disseminating Moon

The moon is now waning, or appears to be decreasing in size and light. This is a time to let go of things, to release and to exercise introspection. Review your life and release anything that no longer serves you. This may include releasing situations or relationships that have become toxic and releasing unhealthy habits. This is a time to clean up, file things away, and to tie up any loose ends.

  • Seventh Phase – The Last Quarter

The moon continues to wane and becomes darker. Take any remaining loose ends and finish up dealing with the old that needs to be let go. Continue to review your life for things that need releasing. As the moon becomes darker, we are able to better see the stars and planets in the night sky. Similarly, as we release the bright energies that were fueling our projects and goals, we can now step back and look at all the different aspects that can affect us and use this time to discern what to keep and what to let go of. Self-care and introspection are healthy through this phase. Energies support breaking negative patterns.

  • Eighth Phase – The Balsamic Moon

During the seventy-two hours that lead up to a new moon, it is in the Balsamic phase. It is time to rest, relax, and take care of yourself. This time of darkness lends itself well to reflection, meditation, and contemplation. It’s time to reflect inward. Privacy is ideal during this introverted phase. You may now clear your head before the next phase begins. Clean your house and make space for the new.

Balsamic Moon Meditation: I am grateful for the release of that which I no longer need, for the closure of all that no longer serves me, and for the power of the universe.

To summarize, the waxing moon is a time of growth and creation. As the moon appears to become larger and brighter, it’s  time to develop, create, and implement your ideas heading into the full moon. When the moon wanes, decreasing in size and light, this time is best used for carrying out that which was started during the waxing phase. It is also an ideal phase for introspection, cleaning, and clearing.

For gardeners and farmers, the waxing moon is a time to plant and fertilize and flowers and leaves appear above ground. The waning moon is a time to cut, weed, and prune and a time to nourish the roots. This tends to mirror our experience with the lunar phases. There are also times when it is best to get a haircut, have a medical procedure, make large purchases and more.

The most important thing to remember is that different phases lend themselves to different kinds of activity and utilizing that energy can make a large difference in what you are able to accomplish at any given time.

When you reflect on situations that have occurred in your life, are you able to see where there have been lunar phases influencing what happened?

“Whether we move instinctively to the lunar rhythm, or must choose to synchronize ourselves with free will, if we want a broader support for our activities, it makes sense to keep Luna in mind. She offers temporal windows for beginnings and endings, and for everything in between. She is the consummate teacher of process.” – Dana Gerhardt












A Thousand Serious Moves
Find Joy in The Present – Awakening The Core

This poem by Hafiz is a good reminder about the choices we make every day and every moment.  Do you move with the flow of life and appreciate where you are at any given time?  … or do you feel like you have a thousand serious moves to make between now and happiness?  When you feel stress – take a deep breath, acknowledge the stress and where it lives in your body. Then think about what you can learn from that present moment, let it go and move forward.  You can find happiness, love and light any place you go.

Tripping Over Joy

What is the difference
between your experience of Existence
and that of a saint?

The saint knows
that the spiritual path
is a sublime chess game with God

and that the Beloved
has just made such a Fantastic Move

that the saint is now continually
tripping over Joy
and bursting out in Laughter
and saying, “I Surrender”.

Whereas, my dear,
I am afraid you still think
you have a thousand serious moves.

~ Hafiz

Meditation Workshop With Sonya

Autumn Meditation Workshop with Sonya Julie
Have you heard about meditation but don’t know where to begin? Perhaps you have tried to meditate on your own, but you’re unsure if you are reaping the full benefits. This workshop provides the tools, techniques, and teachings that will help you to understand the different kinds of meditation and will help you to find what works best for you. Learn to develop a conscious and calm mind, and to be present and reactive to your thoughts. Meditation will help you to experience less stress, anxiety, and depression. It also improves sleep and health, allows you to feel more self-acceptance and self-love, and allows you to reduce reactivity and experience more joy. We will look at a variety of options including walking meditations, breathing, guided meditations, and more. There will be time for questions, as well as a guided group-meditation. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing, bring a pillow and blanket, a notebook and pen, and water.


The workshop is on Thursday, September 21, 2017. The cost for the workshop is $35.00. Attendance is limited; reserve your space by calling Susan at 586-738-4064.

Email for more details.

The Power of Energy

The core of our being is the essence of who we are. It is from this space that we control all other elements in our lives. No matter where you are in life, you can find insight and transformation on your journey to the core of self.

At The Pond by Sonya Julie