It’s all about you and your personal growth.

In your session you may work on a variety of areas including the following:

  • Reviewing your belief system and discovering how it shapes your life
  • Multifaceted approaches to exploring mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances, how they affect your life, and how to address and heal from them
  • Clearing energy blockages
  • Understanding the difference between aggressiveness, passive-aggressiveness and assertiveness
  • Overcoming fears, including those related to assertiveness
  • Setting boundaries
  • Speaking your unique truth
  • Learning to trust
  • Working with intuition
  • Embracing your unique talents and putting them into practice
  • Incorporating spiritual practices uniquely suited to you for a positive life
  • Embracing the value of living in the NOW moment
  • Understanding your oversoul, or higher self
  • Activating the CORE of WHO YOU ARE
Sonya is a Certified Assertiveness Coach

I, Sonya, am a Spiritual Mentor and Certified Assertiveness Coach. I will help you to create change in your life by working with the way you operate on a deeper level. In addition to examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, we will also delve into your deep rooted beliefs and your connections to the divine.

Typically session last 60 minutes and can be done in person, on a phone call,  or with Zoom. The direction of our session is based on your journey and your present needs. I will connect with you, offer guidance and “homework”, and we will create an action plan. We may also incorporate intuitive insights, energy healing, and other modalities as well. We may meet only once or we may meet repeatedly – everyone’s unique needs and preferences are different.

Before holding a formal session, a preliminary conversation will take place to determine if we are in alignment or not. It is important to me that these sessions are in service to the highest good and are given with the loving  intent to actively help you to grow. 

The exchange :

$65.00 USD per one 60-minute PRIVATE 1:1 session

$195.00 USD per one month / four 60-minute PRIVATE 1:1 sessions

Please note that I am able to work with various budgets. Many people are experiencing transition in their lives at this time. If we are in alignment to work together, I will design something for you that is fair to the both of us and will base it on what you are able to contribute.

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