Workshops and Classes

Workshops and Classes

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Select from a variety of workshops and classes that will allow you to learn about topics such as spirituality, meditation, and energetic healing. These offer an opportunity to expand and embrace your inner power with an emphasis on the energy of love and light. Check out the events calendar for upcoming sessions and please feel free to sign up for the newsletter to get updates.

Meditation Workshops

Meditation Workshop with Sonya Julie

Meditation Workshop Learn to use the practice of meditation to enrich your life. We look at the different forms of meditation and daily practices. Includes a guided meditation. This workshop is available monthly in person and online. $35.00


Awakening the Spirit workshop Series

Awakening Spirit 1.1  A virtual group classroom that introduces spiritual concepts and practices to awaken your spiritual self and enrich your life. This powerful experience will teach you new ways to activate your unique gifts and innate talents to empower yourself to find the life that was meant for you. Learn about the connection of mind, body and spirit, manifestation, tools, and managing your energy to align yourself to a life of purpose.

Emerging Spirit 2.2  An intermediate virtual group classroom that explores spiritual concepts, practices and methods for a life of love and light. Building on the skills from Awakening Spirit 1.1, you will refine your daily practices, manage your energy, and learn about aligning yourself with your core mission and purpose. Tap into ancient wisdom and spiritual knowledge to help further you on your path.

Empowered Spirit 3.3 An advanced virtual group classroom that explores advanced energy work, activations, alignments and management of core spiritual principles. We will build on the skills from Emerging Spirit 2.2 to integrate and align into our core missions.

Walking the Shore – Photo by Sonya Julie

Reiki Certification and Attunement

Reiki Practitioner I and II  Learning Reiki is a good starting point for experiencing and working with healing energy and a wonderful method for deepening awareness of universal energy. A certificate is provided upon completion. This is a two day class. Stay tuned for upcoming dates.
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I & II Degree Attunement / Certification $250.00

Reiki Practitioner III / Reiki Master Additional Reiki healing techniques and knowledge will add value to your healing abilities. This class will also qualify you to teach Reiki to others. A certificate is provided upon completion. This is a one day class. Stay tuned for upcoming dates.
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki III / Master Attunement Certification $300.00


Intro to Gridwork Connecting to Gaia in love, light and healing. Learn about connecting to the lightworker community and our beautiful planet. Stay tuned for more details.

Gridwork II Advanced concepts and techniques are explored. Building community and using your personal experiences to contribute to the greater good are emphasized. Stay tuned for more details.

Lovingly Assisting Earth is a Priority

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