Workshops and Classes

Workshops and Classes

Select from a variety of workshops and classes that will allow you to learn about topics such as spirituality, meditation, and energetic healing. These offer an opportunity to expand and embrace your inner power with an emphasis on the practical use of ancient wisdom and modern concepts. Check out the events calendar for upcoming sessions and please feel free to sign up for the newsletter to get updates.


Vision Board Workshop – Manifest a life of Joy and Purpose

Manifesting: Vision Board Workshop Learn about the power of creating a vision board to carry forward your intentions into manifestation. This highly effective practice allows you to transfer your goals and dreams into reality. In this class you will learn more about how to create a vision board and what tools you can use to reinforce this practice of manifestation. This workshop is more than just creating a pretty collection of words and images. Learn practical and powerful tools and techniques to utilize your vision board through an ongoing process to realize your dreams and goals.



Meditation Workshop – Awakening The Core

Exploring Meditation  This workshop will give a brief overview of the general types of meditation, how they may be personalized and combined for your needs, and there will be a short, guided meditation at the end. Meditation offers a tremendous array of benefits and being able to utilize this tool will offer you to tap into a space that allows you to begin to think in new ways, opening up new space for opportunity, change, and growth. This workshop will eliminate the confusion that often surrounds the practice of meditation and will help you to discover which style is right for you.



Reiki Sessions and Certifications are Available at Awakening The Core


Reiki Practitioner I and II  Learning Reiki is a good starting point for experiencing and working with healing energy and a wonderful method for deepening awareness of universal energy. A certificate is provided upon completion. This is a two day class.
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I & II Degree Attunement / Certification

Reiki Practitioner III / Reiki Master Additional Reiki healing techniques and knowledge will add value to your healing abilities. This class will also qualify you to teach Reiki to others. A certificate is provided upon completion. This is a one day class.
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki III / Master Attunement Certification

Learn More: Reiki



Grounding and Connection Workshop Do you feel disconnected? Frazzled, stressed, anxious, or alone? Learn about techniques to connect in with Mother Earth, your Inner Self, and the Creator to find balance and calmness. There are so many things that can distract us and pull us in so many directions. Being able to tap into our inner core is similar to reaching the eye of the storm – finding that place of calm – which allows us to better manage our energy. In this workshop you will learn about energy management and techniques to help you to become grounded and centered in any place and situation.



Ley Lines and Meridians: Exploring Energetic Connections Explore the energetic universe within and without. Every aspect of our well-being is connected to the energies of spirit, psyche, and consciousness. Ancient knowledge and modern science confirm the existence of energetic structures. Internally these include meridians, fields, and chakras. Externally these include ley lines and nodal points. Ancient wisdom combined with practical exercises empowers participants to find ways to connect with the places we live in and travel to, raising the vibration of ourselves and our beautiful planet Earth.

Developing an ability to manage one’s personal energies is empowering and creates the opportunity for profound growth. Connecting with the land, sacred sites, and the stars is enlightening and expansive. Sharing these experiences interconnects us with a high vibe community and a fun and productive way to explore our unique energetic connection to the universe.

*Note: There are several examples of this type of experience mentioned in my Awakening the Core blog including my account of Ancient Trails and Equinox Stars.



Kombucha Making Workshop Learn about the history and benefits of the fizzy beverage known as Kombucha. Loved by many for its healthy probiotics and fun flavors, participants will get to create their own starter jar to bring home. Instructions for easily creating kombucha at home will be provided. Participants will also enjoy a tasting.





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